We’re grateful for the generous support of foundations and donors, and the incredibly hard work of so many volunteers this year. We’ve made great strides on improvements to the theatre, but there is much more work to do.

Campaign Goals:

Total Funds Raised of our $700,000 Goal as of December 9, 2019: $263,944!

Work funded and complete in 2019 includes:

  • Foundation drainage installed
  • Exterior exit doors updated for energy efficiency
  • New oil tank installed
  • Auditorium plaster repair and painting under way
  • Two front exterior lights updated

We need your support and that of our friends throughout our community to keep renovations under way in the New Year. 

Key Phase II projects to fund and accomplish this winter: 

  • Upgrades to stage and auditorium lighting: $59,000
  • Public restroom renovations: $17,000
  • Acoustic wall fabric installation: $4,500
  • Fire and security alarm system installation: $14,000
  • AV technology (sound and projection): $50,000

Please make your year-end gift of support to The Waldo today!